Bond Ranger F Van Set
1958-63 Bond Ranger F Van
3rd October 2021
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Bond Mk G
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1961-66 Bond Mini Car MK Estate Light Blue

1961-66 Bond MK G Estate


1961-66 Bond MK G Mini Car Estate

Beautifully Handcrafted in white to the finest details in 1:43rd scale – Hand built in 4 colour choices.

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Bond MK G Estate Mini Car hand built scale collectors models

1/43rd Scale Bond MK G Mini Car hand built white metal models.

The Bond MK G Estate is built to the highest quality, stacks of separate parts.

Separate headlights with clear plastic headlight lenses, separate parts include items like door handles, grille, front side lights, rear lights, chrome bumpers, wing mirrors.

Detailed interior and hand painted steering wheel giving it a black rim and metal spokes.

Finished in a choice of four stunning authentic colour schemes.

Red, Cream, White, Maroon

SAMS model cars has a heritage of microcar model manufacturing and have been making 1/43rd scale models since 1989.

All SAMS models are hand crafted to the finest details in white metal and then carefully built all are very strict limited edition models, some are very rare as only a couple of hundred are ever produced.

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Fantastic models

Ordered my heinkel and the detailing is amazing
- Simon jackson
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